There's nothing much to talk about this time. I just spend my whole shift, working and keeping myself busy, laughing, talking and eating. Thanks to our new found agent friend Tammy Sulit for treating the group at Jollibee. weeeeee. I was full then after eating but I was again hungry at around 5am. So I ate again. hahaha. bleh

When the time I ask permission from the company and from the client to change my shift from day to night, I never forget to include "for the meantime." I knew I wouldn't be that effecient with my work at night but for some personal reasons, I had to.

I have every reason to love working at daytime. My brain works effectively during the day and my body as well. The energy is there. My friends in this company who are close to me are there. I'm so much used to my sched and the environment though I can't deny the fact that working here at night is more fun and alive because of the people scheduled in this shift. But don't get me wrong here. Its just that agents in the morning shift are more serious if compare with the agents in the night. And of course, you can have a normal life in the day. In every aspect.

My life at night is becoming more enjoyable than I initially thought. All I was looking forward to was to be with my college friends but their friends at night are friendly too so I didn't have a hard time adjusting with my new shift.

In fact, for a very short time of my stay here, I'd already spent time with them last saturday (the whole day). Although we went home exhausted, it's worth it. I really had a great time with them. They are fun and they are nice people. Thanks to them :)

But it doesn't mean I won't be coming back to the day shift. hehe. I like both shifts :P