For the past days, I really wasn't in the mood to do anything coz I wasn't feeling well. I didn't have enough enerygy and I didn't have the appetite to eat. When I got home, there's nothing else I want ed to do but to lay in bed and rest. I couldn't even finish the book I am reading since last week.

Investment is I think the best thing that one can do to achieve financial stability. When it comes to investment, we automatically think of buying a piece of land, building up our own business, buying jewelries, or simply just saving the money in the bank, to name a few. These investments are probably the wisest investment that we could ever think of. But will these investments last a lifetime? Maybe yes, maybe not. Among the above mentioned, buying a piece of land could be the most effective as it won’t depreciate its value and will double and redouble over the years instead. Building up your own business is also good but what about bankruptcy? Well, let me give you another way of investing your money that you might want to consider also.

There is this kind of investment that really is different among the common ones. This is all about collecting gold coins. Yes, it’s like you’re collecting something precious and all you have to do is just keep it safely. Buy gold coin or buy bullion and have them stuffed to wherever safe and comfortable for you. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy collecting this item and you’ll be able to invest a lot as well. This kind of investment is currently used widely by the westerns. For the past couple of years, people around the globe continue to feel the effect of seemingly deteriorating economy. Smart people as they are, they’re able to ask themselves why not buy gold bullion if it will save them financially in the years to come.

This kind of investment isn’t exclusive for the westerns only. I will really think about it seriously if I were you. This will sure help you to get the assurance of your bright future. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up every investment you already have once you decided to invest on gold coins.

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When I was started working at Agents of Value, I’d been so blind about the company policy. I really thought that all agents were allowed to access other sites not related to their work including Friendster. Of course, it’s not! What was I thinking then? And so I signed in to friendster frequently without hesitation. Never cared whoever saw to whatever was on my monitor. The hell I care! I even had enjoyed myself with yahoo music knowing that our HR was sitting right behind me. Great! I kept doing it over and over again each day. Until such time, two of my colleagues were caught to have accessing friendster during working hours and it prompted the admin to announce that sites like friendster and yahoo music are strictly prohibited during working hours. Funny thing was I felt guilty after the announcement. I was like “am I the one to blame?” hahaha! Thank goodness that it didn’t take me long to know who among us had been caught by the admin. I felt so safe and relieved. Well of course, I was still guilty about it only that I wasn’t the one being caught. And then the next thing I knew, the said sites had been blocked.

Not long after Friendster comes the Facebook. As I checked my email one afternoon out of boredom, I received a lot of invitations on Facebook in my inbox. As far as I can remember I just accepted those invitations and then, that’s it. I didn’t know its purpose and how it is suppose to be used. I didn’t pay much interest about it and I found it so boring. I only engaged myself to facebook only this year as it is becoming popular to least at Agents of Value. I know it is popularly used worldwide but I am only accepting friends to the people I know especially my officemates. They are the ones I know who are very much active on it. Facebook seems to have a special role in strengthening the bond among us, agents. We are able to share our thoughts through updating our status. And we are free to comment to whatever we are posting whether it may be serious or not. The same goes with our publicized pictures; posted results from different applications and games. There we are able to communicate with each other silently.

P.S. will soon create a post that will be entitled close to addiction as a continuation of friendsbook