I still haven't recovered myself from sleepiness since the day i got home from Panabo City with my colleagues. Though I tried to sleep early last night, I was once again swayed by my little sister to watch the Gossip Girl series. And to make it worse, I still have to charge the digicam battery so that I can bring with me the pictures we had taken in Panabo and give it to my friends. Atleast I manage to do my task despite of what im feeling right now and atleast I have chatmates that make me feel a bit alive. But not until my client sent me an urgent task. Here's this another three audios that need editing and should place them on top of my priority for it must be published on thursday. Although I'm not so pleased for having an urgent task, I am somehow thankful that each of them only has a short duration of time which makes me edit them easier. But still, that doesn't change the fact that I'm sleepy and I need to focus on my task.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Hopefully I can get over with the last weekend and get my energy back and be excited with the coming weekend for another fun.

My Sunday life started off as early as dawn. Yes, I said it right. I was awaken by my father at around 2 in the morning to look after my brother who got pissed. Being sure that I couldn't do it alone, I decided to ask assistance from my elder sis. I don't know what's gotten into my brother when he should manage himself not to get drunk for atleast in my father's day. It's almost 4am when he finally fallen asleep leaving us feeling releived and so we also go back to sleep.

He was supposed to go to the market early because we planned to have the Father's day celebrated at lunch. But as expected, he didn't make it. My father and my youngest sister are the ones who woke up early preparing themselves for church. We usually attend and hear the mass together but me and my elder sis weren't able to come with them for not having enough sleep. My father started to think we totally forgotten about his special day and never even bother to prepare something for him. Well, what else could he be thinking if that was the case? So I was hoping that my brother will feel better as soon as possible so that atleast we can make it up at dinner. And thank God we did!! We ate a little late coz we waited for my sister from attending the mass and for dropping by at the mall. When dinner was over, we drink wine with my sibs and my brother's GF who brought the wine. I think its the wine that caused me headache today. But its ok...for once in a while.hehe. I drink occasionally lang naman...

Well, Father's day wasn't really as good as with that of our mother's day. The celebration we had with our mother's day was full of surprises. I mean, we really planned it thoroughly. With ballons, cakes, flowers from my father and brother, video making and picture takings and all that. And most especially, almost all of the family member was there. It would've been a lot happier and funnier if my second brother was there. Knowing that aside from being a good person, he also has a great sense of humor. I know its the thought that really counts but its different when you celebrating something special with ALL the family members are there. Segi lang, hulat nalang ko sa December 2009.hehe

That makes my two days break!!

I always look forward in every weekend that comes. But last week is different. There's nothing to look forward to except that we were planning to have a simple celebration on father's day. There are also many things running through my head since the month of june started. Aside from being tired thinking about my unending audio editing task, I think about something that I've been planning for a few months now. Though I've finally made it real, there are still other things that need to be considered and be fixed since this is not just a little something and it involves money. And this is one of the reasons why there's only have little amount of money left for me that I should budget wisely until the next pay day.

It's a good thing that my youngest sister borrowed a Gossip Girl DVD from one of her friends which we enjoyed watching with my two other siblings (bro & sis) on friday night. Actually, my little sis asked me the night before to accompany her watch this DVD being afraid that father may not allow her to watch Gossip Girl because of some adult scenes. Knowing also that its my youngest sis who asked me for a favor, I just can't say no!

I wasn't really excited about watching Gossip Girl because I thought its just another boring television series or maybe its just similar to other series about friendship as Dawson's creek. But I was wrong. Once I get into it, I suddenly got interested on it. I find it very nice. At first, I was only attracted to the material things they posses and the comfortable life they have. And also with their good looks especially with Nate who really looks stunning and his gorgeous girlfriend, Blair, wearing her fashionable dresses. But as we continue to watch the whole season 1, I realized that there's a story behind their fabulous wealthy life. It's about jealousy, betrayal, love, hate, friendship, family, and life. A crazy life!! We were not able to finish it on friday night so we played it again on saturday afternoon. Seems like it turns out to be one of my fave TV series.

"Gossip girl here. You're one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. "

You know you love me,
X.O.X.O Gossip Girl

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Taken From: MarsVenus.com

Im in an internet cafe right now with my sister. I actually don't know what else to do after finishing my main purpose why im here. And all of a sudden, I came up with this idea of creating my own blog since i haven't made one. I've been planning of creating my own blog for a couple of months now but the problem is I was kind of confuse whether to pursue it or not. Why???? It's simply because Im not used to it. I mean im not used with sharing my thoughts and feelings to the public. Im a type of person who just talk much only to the chosen few (my close friends). But on the other hand, I want to give it a try also. So here it is!! I finally made it. Think I'm gonna give myself a reward for this (Wah!!)

I'm hoping to see something different in this blog of mine. That, if laziness won't hit me!