I just posted the latest one (a not so busy day) when after a minute or two Aubrey decided that our supposed bonding moment has moved to another day.

I know why but I'm not in the position to make it known to everyone.

Hahayz.... Aubrey...

Yesterday has been a very busy day that I wasn't able to finish all my tasks. Today, I'm a bit relieved that my first set of task is finally done. And now I'm about to start with the second one which I hope would still allow me to do some other things. Two more lessons left to be done for this week. And plan to do as best I could to finish them within this week. Well, we will know it on Friday.

As for now, I'm looking forward when today's shift end. Me and Aubrey agreed to go to a mall that is a bit distant from my home but not sure if I can really afford to go that far. (thinking)

Busyness seems to be an exchanged for the long weekend we had. I did have fun spending time with my family and friends. But I was wondering also if my pace of doing my task this week would be the same as last week. I already had anticipated to have loads of work for this week to make up from the past days. And as I open my email this morning, my client has indeed sent me a bunch of tasks.

There are several topics I have in mind to post about but I only have less time to do it. Maybe next time.

seems like im not being myself lately.
dealing with uncertain things.
acting and feeling so weird.
feeling bored and sleepy in the office.
fighting hard with confusing thoughts.

today is friday. hoping for a positive changes in the weeks ahead.

we'll see....