I've completely forgotten about Father's day. I mean I certainly know that there is a father's day this month but  I lost track of the dates. And I feel a little bad at the moment though I know brother and father do understand. I gave my father a gift last year but now... NOTHING! It was such a shame that I had to find out my sister-in-law bought him a cake and not me. And worse, I greeted my brother just this evening.

Moving forward.......

It's the least I can do.

For the first time in a long time I visited again my unprofitable blog. And there! I freaked out because I thought my account has been deactivated by the blogspot. Only to find out it only has this new environment or interface. Some sort of ignorance here, huh. I visited also my twitter account that I created since I don't know when. Number of tweets?? ZERO!  I don't know why I created that account in the first place. To be a follower? To be followed? Well, I'm pretty sure I created the account just to have one. Period. I also visited other 3 accounts that have been existed for ages. Thank heavens I was able to figure out the login details ;))

Again, just happened to visit here for the reason that I just want to write something. Not necessarily meaningful, though. Meaningful or nonsense, writing something is GOOD! And now, it's time to explore something. I hope to see you very soon... (fingers crossed).