i cant concentrate on what im doing here now. i haven't got enough rest from our escapade last weekend. as much as i wanted to be more productive with my work today, i just can't due to restlessness and boredom.

ill be posting a bit of my experience at cannibad beach with my agent friends in the night shift maybe the next day. im still waiting for them to upload photos for you to view if you just want to.

I finally made up my mind!

Two months ago, I was lucky enough that the company superiors allowed me to switch my shift from day to night. There was of course reasons regarding my request of changing my work schedule.

I never anticipated that it would be much fun working at night with those agents who I scarcely know. And I began to get confused on what shift will I be choosing in the end. So I weigh everything there is to consider by giving the highest priority to the ones that are much important.

Though I'm not stating everything into details but I think its already obvious which shift I found more advantageous.

== My mind doesn't work well.. tsk3 *frown* ==