Ok. There's nothing interesting to blab about today. Just simply blogging for no reason. Some of my friends have their own story to tell about their experiences for this week. Looks like they were having a great time. Its written all over their faces. To share a little, a close friend of mine just met the whole family of her special someone and I learned that it turned out nice and flattering. The family treated her nicely and made her feel welcome to their family. Well, thats good. I'm happy for her. She really deserves to be treated that way.

It seems to me that a lot of things and activities that I'll be looking forward to such as birthday celebrations and weekend activities with friends, to name a few. But as for today, or should I say as for the rest of this week, there's nothing in particular that I am preparing myself for and most probably I just go through with the same old routine.

I think that's all for now. I need to finish my task on time coz I'll be logging out at exactly 5pm as much as possible. There are three things I need to accomplish before I go home.


Last year, when the time I scarcely knew my night shift friends, they already played paintball and I became curious about it and on how it is played. Last saturday, my dayshift friends played paintball and I finally got the chance to watch. I decided not to join them for I do not know how to play the game. So I just watch my friends play and took some pictures.

biggy's first time

I always look forward to every weekend. Its always on the weekends when I have time for myself and do my personal stuff at home. Saturday and Sunday are for me the best days of the week. Aside from having time for myself alone, I also get a chance to spend time with my friends, having fun outdoors. And Sunday would be the best day to have a quality time with my family. Sometimes we go out, having dinner in a restuarant but sometimes we prefer to just stay at home after hearing the mass. At home, we always gather in the living room, watching television together.

My brother used to buy DVD's that we could watch together at home but we tend to want and look for more movies after playing one or two. Cable tv is always what easily pop into my mind. While thinking about it, I remember the time when we had a cable tv and had it disconnected shortly. Simply because we are paying its bill and yet we didn't enjoy that much. And now, it's a good thing that I came across this cool site which I think can be the best alternative in place of the cable tv. In Direct TV, you can watch as much coolest movies and sports you wanted.

Aside from the convinience that the Direct TV System provides to you, it also provides the best quality of its sound and picture that can lead you to a great viewing experience. In addition to that, Direct TV Service is always be of help to answer your needs and inquiries and if anything goes wrong.

So why don't you decide and try it yourself!

It is impossible to speak
in such a way
that you cannot be misunderstood

- karl popper -

Yesterday was supposed to be just one of my ordinary days. Work now then go home later and rest. That was how it was suppose to be. It was almost time for dismissal when Elton had his last minute chat telling me that I was invited to his son's birthday. So I had a chance to rejoin with the night shift (agents) friends. Knowing them, it is expected to always have fun and enjoyment. when they're being gathered. We stayed there until 9pm and it's a little late for me to go home. It takes a couple of minutes of travel before I reach home. I wasn't able to sleep right away cause I helped my brother pack his things up for a trip. And that's the reason why I'm having lack of sleep today.

I just wanna share this video of the dancing babies which I enjoyed watching. hehe

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Pissed of for today....

Looking forward for tomorrow's General Assembly....

Excited for tomorrow's night out....