I was on my way home when my attention suddenly diverted to the people on queue. Those people are among the many hopefuls of winning the grand price of the Lottery. As I looked at them intently, I realized that there was something missing in that long queue. I was thinking what it was until I finally came to my stop. A particular bank standing proudly right across our village and my eyes fall straight inside it and there I saw the object that was missing on that queue of people I had passed on my ride home. It was a stanchion. Although lottery outlet isn’t usually using crowd control but I just can’t help myself from comparing the orderliness from that of who uses crowd control products.

Stanchions are popularly used by the bank and other billing outlets to keep the people stay in order. Stanchions are made of different styles like retractable belts and velvet ropes. It is the velvet rope that I always notice being usually used every time I pay my bills whether in the department store or in the bank.

Aside from stanchions, barricade is also one of the crowd control products that popularly and commonly used for traffic control, security and privacy. Barricades definitely prevent the possible riots from happening.

Crowd control products are indeed a huge help that keep people in lines to almost all of the places we needed to go for an important transactions. It could be in the grocery, in concerts and political events, in the bank and most especially to the government establishments that certainly need an orderly line.

Summer 2009 has already been over five months ago and we are now heading for Christmas, right? But some of my officemates can’t seem to get enough of adventures. This month of October is quite a busy month for my fellow agents. There are lots of events happening for this month. We already had done with the birthday celebrations during the first and second week of the month and I shared about those to you already. So it’s time to put it to rest. This time, let’s talk about trips! Yes, you read it right.

Singapore and Malaysia are one of the countries that Filipino people dream of going to for a holiday vacation. I myself wanted to go there too. Who doesn’t? But money issue will always come my way. I honestly can’t afford to have such expensive trip. Well, not to some of my friends. Four of them had gone to Singapore and Malaysia as one of the most unforgettable trips of their lives. They already had witness the stunning beauty of two of the world’s tourist destination in Asia. They were awed by the amazing tourist highlights as it was really happening right before their eyes. They took many pictures during their trip and there you can see the fun and excitement written all over their faces. What a great experience, right?

On the other hand, another group of my ESPC friends were off to Camiguin Island and Cagayan de Oro City. The primary reason for going to Cagayan was to attend the Annual Blogger Summit that only lasted for an hour and a half. And the rest of the trip was spent to adventures, of course. The Blogger Summit occurred on Saturday but they already off at Friday dawn. They went first to Camiguin and explore the place. Then they’re back to Cagayan for the event and had nightlife afterwards. And the most exciting part of the trip took on the Sunday. They had water rafting that lasted for over two hours, if I’m not mistaken. Such another great experience for them, I must say.

Camiguin Island

When was the last time we talked about downloading again? I just remember about rapidshare. I don't know why rapidshare search of all things that could possibly pop into my mind at this very moment. Is it because I'm up to a movie marathon again or something? Ok, forget it. Anyway, so how was your experience with rapidshare search? Were you satisfied about it? I hope you did.

I'm pretty sure that you really feel good about your try with the rapidshare for the past couple of weeks. And great news! I happened to visit again the site and it looks like there's something new about it that I think it is being made for you to enjoy using it even more.

By the way, I asked my officemate just recently for a favor to give me a copy of this TV series entitled Harpers Island. I wonder where he downloaded it. He should really try this new rapidshare search himself. Maybe I just open it up to him when I get a chance.

I think that's all for now folks. I'm just giving you an update.

Try it yourself too!

Another weekend is fast approaching. It means, another day will be spent for good time. As I arrive this morning, my friend Biggy called me to inform me that she and our other girl friends already concocted a plan for a nightlife this coming Saturday. The plan is we are going to spend our night at Durian Bar wherein I have never been before and we have to bring with us a mask upon going there in order for us to get free entrance (according to biggy). I think it's another activiy for whatever reason of Maniniyot Community (not sure). It's gonna be like a Holloween party.

It still wednesday today but I kind of looking forward to it. Not that I'm very excited about it. I don't know what to anticipate on that night, it's just that I miss hanging out with them already.

Hope I'll be able to come :)

I can't remember when was the last time I used perfume or cologne. I'm always reluctant to use such thing cause I'm afraid to choose the wrong scent that may become a reason for the people from getting near me. There are some people I knew who use perfumes that they thought smells good to the people they mingle everyday but the truth is, it isn't. And this kind of scenario is one of the reason why I chose not to use perfumes. I just see to it that at least I don't smell bad. And be contented with my naturral scent instead. Well the truth is, there's this mild fragrance from Bath and Body brand that I like than any other but the only problem is, I can't find that particular Scent in the malls.

Since I can't find that favorite fragrance of mine from Bath and Body,I just bought a body spray from Bench which I've alreday been using in a few years back. But still, I am more interested on mild-scented perfumes. So now, I'm taking a look at these online perfumes that comes from different brands. Not to mention from famous brands. Who knows! I might consider buying from these. There's no harm in trying, right?

The series of birthday celebrations for this month of October has not yet over. Pearl, one of my college classmates, just turned 24 last October 15 but had her birthday celebrated last October 27, Saturday. It wasn't really much of a celebration but just a birthday treat. Hmmmm... is there a big difference? hehe. I think you know what I mean.

Like Molit, Pearl contacted most of my classmates but didn't make it as usual. I don't know their reasons this time why they weren't there with us. Busy with their own lives, I guess. So again, only the four of us (Pearl, Molit, me and Hazel) who really made it there. Well, who else?

Anyway, we met at MTS. We ordered 3 dishes , juices and beer for our drinks, listened to the music played by a live band and chatting at the same time. And that's it!

Two weeks ago, ESPC Davao started to implement the new monitoring system called the Agent Guard. This monitoring system according to them can track every activity done by the agent and will produce a screen shot every 5 minutes. Maybe some clients from Agents of Value have complaints against their agents for not doing their given tasks. Maybe that is the reason why the owner of this company prompted to implement such employee monitoring system.

Not all of us have already have Agent Guard installed in our PC but only to selected agents especially those who do not have clients for the time being. My seatmates are just one of the few who have this monitoring system already installed in their computers. They won’t dare try to open irrelevant sites for they might be caught by the admin. They don’t wanna mess with the admin, do they?

But anyway, I also found another monitoring system similar the one we are using called an ActivTrak which is also best for activity tracking. Like Agent Guard, this activity tracker I came across with can also keep track of how the company’s computers are being used by the employees. Having this monitoring system will sure give satisfaction to the owner, the clients and the admin. Will the agents of ESPC be happy about this too? Hmmm…

When staying at home, reading books is one of my past-time bobbies. I'm through reading those nice pocket books we have and had them read twice or trice already. Even my sister's Shopaholic series, Gossip girl series and Twilight saga. And now that I ran out of books to read, I got no choice but to read those books again. I choose to read first the ones that I read ages ago. But I think it's okay since I can't remember the majority of its details anymore. I'm just done reading the Sweet Valley high and Sweet Valley University series. We only have ramdom of episodes of these series since we couldn't afford to buy the entire episodes back then. But anyway, Sweet Valley pocket books were very much popular in our school during my high school days. Most of my classmates particularly the girls had been crazy about this story of the twin sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, along with their friends in Sweet Valley High. Well I'm not trying to go back with my teenage life here, to make it clear. As I said, I ran out of books to read. For one thing, I chose to read Sweet Valley books first since this is the only book that can be read easily in a way that it only contains of a short story in every episode. And also, I can barely touch the book during weekdays because sometimes I get too tired to even open it. So better choose the short ones, right?

It was kind of weird of me to post about auto parts when I never have talked about car itself. So here I am, finally having a chance to share my interest with cars.

Next to wanting of owning my own house is the owning of a car. My family always have this urge of wanting to buy a family car for years. I was so happy hearing my father considered buying a car since I really wanted us to have one. We really can't to afford to buy a brand new car. That's for sure. But it's a good thing that there are slightly used or second hand cars for sale. So why not consider buying those used cars, right? Well, we already have but the problem is, something terrible happened so the thought of us buying one has been put aside for the time being.

With my desire to learn Adobe Photoshop, I asked my seatmate to teach me how to use it and how it works. For a start, she taught me some basic techniques before going home. I tried to apply what I had learned from her at home but I can't seem to continue what I had started doing because I can't recall everything she taught me. And then I decided to leave it for the meantime and have some research for tutorials first. Graphics is not my thing actually and I don't know what's gotten into me why I have this sudden interest of learning Adobe Photoshop. Maybe beacause I am being influenced and inspired by some of my officemates that are keeping themselves busy editing their multiply templates and designing headers for their client's websites.

When I was about to turn off my computer, the mickey mouse icon caught my attention. And then I remembered my sister had brought this Disney Mickey and Friends software along with her while she was having her vacation here in Davao. It is software wherein you can create your own designs for whatever purpose. I mean you can do scrapbooking and create your own frames, birthday cards and the likes.

Forgetting about the turning off of the computer, I opened the Disney Mickey and Friends and did an exploration of the software. I wished to experiment a little but it was time for me to sleep. So what I did was I used the Mickey pre-designed frames and put some of my photos in it.

Take a look at this:

Ok, let's talk about something different this time. I think I already have posted enough of house-related issues. For now, let's talk about something related to cars. Yes, I know I should be writing about car itself from different brands and models first. It's just that I happened to come across with supercharger before it. So I think it's okay to have this one posted first since you must also know the auto parts when owning a car. I know for sure that some of you who keep visiting my blog are driving, right?

I still don't know much about autoparts and how one part affects the other part or something like that. I just really wanted to share this to you and check this one out. This might be a huge help for you. Buick supercharger, mercedes supercharger, pontiac supercharger are just some of the superchargers that you can find in this site I am talking about.

So why don't you see this supercharger for yourself?

Two of my closest friends here in ESPC, Molit and Aubrey, had a separate celebrations of their birthdays last October 3, Saturday. Personal reasons hindered me to attend on both celebrations. Molit was the first one to invite me and the first who had her plan finalized. She opted to have her birthday celebrated during the weekend with her college friends. And that includes me, of course. Aubrey, on the other hand, considered few options as to where and how she was going to celebrate her birthday. And finally made up her mind at the time I already took Molit's invitation.

At around 8 in the evening, we met at Korokkan Ktv and Resto Bar in Victoria Plaza compound. Molit already had the VIP 6 reserved the day before that night. It was our first time there and we found it nice and comfortable. Good enough for a simple celebration. But it would be perfect if most of our college friends showed up. Only five of us made it. Some just greeted Molit through text with their reasons why they didn't make it to celebrate with us. While we haven't heard from others about their sides. We were glad that Bojoy has finally rejoined us after quite a long time. With only six or seven of us there, we still had a time of our lives celebrating Molit's birthday. Nothing compares when I'm with them. Another night of fun with my college friends. Thank God for the chance!

Meanwhile, Aubrey celebrated her birthday at Jones Beach Resort with our officemates. That was a dual celebration actually. For the Green Team's victory party for winning during the Literary and Musical competition and her birthday. They headed to Durian bar afterwards and witnessed another event which they called Gig for a Cause intended for the typhoon victims in Luzon. I heard about them encountered a trouble that caused some of the people there a scene. But anyway, they have their own story to tell about that.

That's all for now bloggers. Till then :)

Some of my previous posts was all about house improvement. And I can't seem to get enough of it. And right now, I have found another site related to that. Everytime I come across with those house improvement related sites, I just can't simply let it slip from me without reading it. Beautifying a house is just one of the things that I would really love to do. Anyway, let me share to you about the site that I just found.

This site I am talking about contains of different kitchen appliances that gives you a number of choices to choose from depending on what suits you best. You need not be confused upon choosing which is which as they present you various informations of the different sizes and styles of their products. What is important is that, you know what you want for your house to look like and of course what you really need in your house. The ones that are really got me interested of buying are regrigerator, diswasher, and trash compactor. These are just some of the large kitchen appliances in the site that I would be needing when I already have my own house. I would also love to buy and own small appliances like food processors and blenders because I know for sure that these appliances would also be needed any time.

I know that you too have your own needs to be used in your house particularly in the kitchen. So why don't you try to visit in this site I am referring to? You might find what you really been looking for in that site for a long time. You'll surely gonna find very useful appliances once you visit it.

Another event or shall I say events, had taken place this past weekend but I still haven't got a chance to write about the previous one. Its just that there were so many things running through my head these days that I couldn't get much time for blogging. So now that I finally have a chance, I think this would be the perfect time to talk about it.

Justify FullSeptember 21, Saturday, was a day of another company activity on the purpose of promoting camaraderie among all eployees of eversun, both admins and agents. The Literary and Musical Competition was held in Jacksridge at 2:30 in the afternoon. We were composed of five different groups represented in different colors. The colors were Green, white, red, yellow and Blue.

I wasn't really excited about it the first time it was being announced to us. The occasions and holidays that the company previously celebrated weren't as fun as this one. It causes the majority of us to be reluctant in deciding whether to attend the up coming events or not. But as we get closer to this particular event, I noticed how the people talked about it and even joked about it that we never expected that all has turned into a success. I felt so lucky being a member of the green team that enables me to exude confidence. Especially with the knowledge that I was with the people who are easy to get along with and with the most talented ones. A sudden burst of pride surge through me upon the announcement of the overall champion. The event ended and left the Green team victorious! Knowing the effort that the green team exerted prior to the event, I know that we really deserved it.

Thanks to them! I hope I would be in the same team again for the up coming events.

Hi there people!

Before leaving this blog for the weekend, I just want to wish you a great weekend as you will be spending time with your loved ones. And since I know that most of you who frequently visit my blog love to watch movies, I might as well share this cool site to you, which is Rapidshare Search wherein you can easily download your favorite movies. I learned about this site just recently when my officemate and I talked about movies to watch over the weekend and gladly, we both found this helpful site.

By the way, Rapidshare Search is not only good for movies but also for the important softwares that you needed for your work and personal learnings.

I think thats all I can share for now. And I do hope we all can make use of Rapidshare Search for us to have a more relaxing weekend especially when we will be staying at home.

Till then everyone!