For all the years that we've been attending mass on Sundays at Redemtorist Church, I've been wishing also that there would be a place wherein my family could go somewhere near it. So I don't have to impatiently wait and hail a taxi. Let alone pay the continued increase of fare! And now it looks like my prayer has finally been answered.

Abreeza Ayala Mall is situated just across the street facing the Redemtorist Church at the heart of Davao City. This elegant edifice is standing proudly along the highway of J.P Laurel Avenue making it accessible to the people. Its prestige evidently shown through the designer label stores whom undoubtedly have given confidence to them like Nine West, Esprit, Gap, Marks & Spencer, and the most famous Sarbucks Coffee Shop, to name a few. Each of which practically have chosen wisely their respective places in the mall. The existence of the Ayala Mall in Davao is another living proof of its continuing excellence and success for centuries. Now, davaoeƱos are about to become in full participation on its insistence. In fact, I am becoming increasingly aware of everyone's curiosity about how would it be like once the entire mall is already in full operation.

As for me and my family, the proximity of the church and the Ayala mall is quite a relief for us since we don't have to go farther to freely enjoy ourselves. So its gonna be Sunday family day, Redemtorist day and Abreeza day whole day. Not always, though.

April or May. Definitely isn't my most favorite time of the year. Coincidence or not, my unhealthiness always fall on either of these months. And for that reason, there are also postponements of plans and adjustments of activities that fell on the same dates my bad cough and fever occurred. But everything would end up just fine, eventually. In effect, I have come to realize that my client was right about what he said to me that these situations are reminders to stop and smell the roses. And this is one philosophy I want to live by.