You can never expect a person to be nice to you when they've been pushed to the limit already. I may be mean at times but of course it comes from a good reason. I'm getting used now to people calling me harsh or badgirl. These names are supposedly for fun only but as they say, jokes are half-meant. Well, yes, maybe I am. But hey, tell you what, if being harsh would mean being honest/true and straightforward, then I'd love to be called harsh. This isn't something to be proud of, of course. I just don't care how bad and unforgiving I am in the eyes of the vast majority. What you see is what you get. What you see is genuine. Guess that's all that matters.

Fully charged for the first time in a long time. I must have snored so loud, I could tell. Surprisingly, I was able to finish loads of works today from the time I woke up. The effect of that long hours of sleep, obviously. Staying so late at night is absolutely a very bad habit. I should do something about this. Really. Surely, there has to be something to do with time management and a great deal of self-discipline regarding this. Talk about miracle! But well, yes. I know my priorities. I know exactly what has to be done. From now on, I should put a great deal of effort in all my actions.

For all the years that we've been attending mass on Sundays at Redemtorist Church, I've been wishing also that there would be a place wherein my family could go somewhere near it. So I don't have to impatiently wait and hail a taxi. Let alone pay the continued increase of fare! And now it looks like my prayer has finally been answered.

Abreeza Ayala Mall is situated just across the street facing the Redemtorist Church at the heart of Davao City. This elegant edifice is standing proudly along the highway of J.P Laurel Avenue making it accessible to the people. Its prestige evidently shown through the designer label stores whom undoubtedly have given confidence to them like Nine West, Esprit, Gap, Marks & Spencer, and the most famous Sarbucks Coffee Shop, to name a few. Each of which practically have chosen wisely their respective places in the mall. The existence of the Ayala Mall in Davao is another living proof of its continuing excellence and success for centuries. Now, davaoeƱos are about to become in full participation on its insistence. In fact, I am becoming increasingly aware of everyone's curiosity about how would it be like once the entire mall is already in full operation.

As for me and my family, the proximity of the church and the Ayala mall is quite a relief for us since we don't have to go farther to freely enjoy ourselves. So its gonna be Sunday family day, Redemtorist day and Abreeza day whole day. Not always, though.

April or May. Definitely isn't my most favorite time of the year. Coincidence or not, my unhealthiness always fall on either of these months. And for that reason, there are also postponements of plans and adjustments of activities that fell on the same dates my bad cough and fever occurred. But everything would end up just fine, eventually. In effect, I have come to realize that my client was right about what he said to me that these situations are reminders to stop and smell the roses. And this is one philosophy I want to live by.

"I thought the song was boring. But when I listened to it, it speaks about everything... "

"We are not of what we feel or believe to do, we are of what we do or fail to do."

"you can't outwit fate by standing on the sidelines placing little sidebets about the outcome of life. either you wade in and risk everything you have to play the game or you don't play at all. and if u don't play u can't win."

"There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it."
Remember When

"Sometimes it just happens - to the wrong people at the wrong time."
Whitney, My Love

"I used to be ashamed
And now I am proud.
The world once was black
And now it is bright.
I used to walk head bent
And now I stand up tall.
I used to have dreams
But now I have hope."

"After all, it's not every day a woman is given a kingdom of dreams."
A Kingdom of Dreams

Events 2011 has already started. Some of my AOV friends have celebrated their anniversaries and birthdays already. I'm getting excited in writing about my first quarter of this year but I'm still feeling oblige to post about my Events 2010. Something tells me that I owe everybody a piece of my life last year. So let's get this one done so we can go on to this year's highlights.

Here we go! I can't remember what exactly had happened during the first quarter of the year 2010 but I know for sure that we had eaten on some fancy restaurants and some night outs every payday. Last year, different group of friends ignited as one and it grew bigger and bigger.

Oh, I remember! We had a groupings last 2009 Christmas party. The different groups had spent their winnings early last year and each group invited the other groups to join in with them. And so more birthdays and farewell celebrations followed. Doing the usual. Sadly, some of my friends had finally made one major decision of their lives to take another challenge in the outside world.

Two of the most memorable events in 2010 were the road trips! We witnessed how the people of Sarangani celebrate their festival. I would love to visit that place once more and get closer this time. The group hit it off in Sarangani and planned for the next stop. Heading to the north this time, Masao in Mati. I wasn't wowed with the place but enough to say that I had fun. I enjoyed that trip because of the people I was with and everything we've done there. I enjoyed every minute of my stay there.

Well, I think that's all I have to say for my last year's adventure. Now ready for this years blah blah, I guess ;)

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
Oprah Winfrey

I'm swamp with works lately. Multitasking. I'm not trying to be a super woman here, OK? Things just got out of hand this time. I still have the remains of some things that I should have finished a year ago. Something that I haven't paid much of my attention for long. And now it seems like I got all the energy and determination needed to accomplish everything. I'll soon be giving myself a tap on the back for it's almost done.

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Well, nothing really interesting actually. I just can't believe that I'm able to be back again in this place. After a while of uhmmm... being lost? busy of something? or maybe, there's nothing really special to write about. Oh, I can't decide. Some signs of uncertainties, huh. I hate uncertainties!

The truth is, I've been visiting here frequently just to see some updates of my blog mates and never intend to write something. I just didn't have the appetite to share anything. I missed a number of events that are interesting enough to blob about. I don't know why I did not share it with you guys. There was a time that it suddenly occur to me that I should at least get a gist of my whereabouts for the past couple of months but my thought always end up wandering and lost focus completely. Hmmm I wonder why.

And now, here I am again. Still confused with what to do next. Having a scattered brain. Uh-oh! Anyway, hopefully I'd be able to say something sensible, interesting, and inspiring in my next visit. Oooohh, what would it be? We'll see....