Traditionally, we think of a personal resolution as a new year approaches. Basically its very easy to think of every possible changes that we may apply in our daily lives but its also difficult to stick to it and have it all be materialized. Though we start it fairly well but always fail to continue pursuing it throughout the year.

I myself is already tired of it and I'd rather think of resolutions which can be started to apply at any month of the year. I mean not necessarily have to wait a new year. And something which I can repeatedly apply for the rest of my life.

The best resolution for me is to recall the past experiences especially the most significant ones and think how it affected and molded us as we move forward and welcome each single day. There must have been hardships along the way where we can find strength to stand up once again. There must have been mistakes where we can find a way to make it right the next time. There must have been regrets where we can find hope to do better and as much as possible to avoid the same thing to happen again.

I just hope that I'll be able to find light in every circumstances and will always consider the positive side of life instead of tormenting myself with those negative effects resulting from unwanted situations.

I still try if this resolution will be perfect for a change.

its been a while! well.. whats new? its always been like this, right? you cared to visit but found nothing interesting in this blog.

today, i really want to post something about my personal point of view about life. but then again, my task hindered me to do so though i manage to right this one. but the time im spending with this isn't enough for what i originally planned. i could have written much.

putting an end with this very short post simply shows how busy i am right now. am i?

just for the sake of writing, actually.

From A - Z Tag!

My Dear friends Molit and Raquel tagged me! Yepeeh!

So here it goes.....

A - Attached or Single? - Single
B - Best Friend? - Of course, I have! my high school and college bestest friends.
C - Cake or pie? - sure to hit the cake. especially chocolate cake. wow.... delicious.
D - Day of choice? - Weekend is the best!! I can have time for myself, with my friends, with my family and I can do whatever pleases me or even just relax and do nothing.
E - Essential item? – My cellphone and my wallet and my bag.
F - Favorite Color? - i like light colors but whatever, whenever, always ended with white.
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - Ill go for gummy
H - Hometown? - surigao del sur. a land far far away.
I - Indulgence? - none - ne - ni - no -nu
J - June or July? - after a couple of minutes thinking......... july. personally, nothing very special with these months but some of my loved ones born in july. but wait! pwede both? hehe
K - Kids ? - that's what im praying for. hopefully the good ones
L - Life is not complete w/o - god family friends / faith hope and love
M - Marriage date? - when im so sure of it. i myself don't know yet.
N - Number of magazine subscriptions?– wwooops!!! none?
O - Orange or apple? hmm.... both. but if i were to choose to symbolize me, then ill choose the apple coz it symbolizez sin. you know....... adam and eve.hehe. since im not perfect and i always commit sin. shaks!!
P - Phobias? - snake snake snake! anaconda, bitin, halas, sawa!
Q - Quotes? – theres a lot of them to mention
R - Reason to smile? - not just a single reason but reasons!! family, sincere friends, numerous blessings. to mention a few
S - Season of choice? - christmas
T - Tag 5 people - bevs , darlyn , wiwit , czyrel , amor
U - Unknown fact about me - used to be very maldita when i was a child. but as i grow up, the word very has been slowly erased! hahaha
V - Vegetable? - sure!!!
W - Worst habit? – day dreaming ---- of you tonight. till tomorrow... ill be holding you tight. and there's no where in this world id rather be. hehehe
X - Xray or ultrasound? - ambot lang oi, naunsa.
Y - Your favorite foods? – theres a lot and theres many.hehe
Z - Zodiac sign - capri + corn = capricorn

I find this tag interesting and you are free to grab this and try it yourself.