I'm staying up late at this time of the year. It's Christmas and I'm suppose to be "happy" but I'm not sure with the feeling I have. Well yes, I'm happy but not that happy. But it's OK, there's a million ways to cheer up and I'm not planning to ruin my Christmas vacation by just torturing myself with those negative thoughts. Right now, I'm looking forward with my weekend. I just made up my mind to join with my former office mates in their beach outing. Hopefully be able to join with the Eversun night shift friends when I get back in the city. I'm also planning to contact my other officemates/friends to know their plans for next week. I still have that only wish for this Christmas. And hoping that that wish would be granted before the year ends.

Enough of this drama!!

to everyone....

Merry Christmas!!

For the past days, I really wasn't in the mood to do anything coz I wasn't feeling well. I didn't have enough enerygy and I didn't have the appetite to eat. When I got home, there's nothing else I want ed to do but to lay in bed and rest. I couldn't even finish the book I am reading since last week.

Investment is I think the best thing that one can do to achieve financial stability. When it comes to investment, we automatically think of buying a piece of land, building up our own business, buying jewelries, or simply just saving the money in the bank, to name a few. These investments are probably the wisest investment that we could ever think of. But will these investments last a lifetime? Maybe yes, maybe not. Among the above mentioned, buying a piece of land could be the most effective as it won’t depreciate its value and will double and redouble over the years instead. Building up your own business is also good but what about bankruptcy? Well, let me give you another way of investing your money that you might want to consider also.

There is this kind of investment that really is different among the common ones. This is all about collecting gold coins. Yes, it’s like you’re collecting something precious and all you have to do is just keep it safely. Buy gold coin or buy bullion and have them stuffed to wherever safe and comfortable for you. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy collecting this item and you’ll be able to invest a lot as well. This kind of investment is currently used widely by the westerns. For the past couple of years, people around the globe continue to feel the effect of seemingly deteriorating economy. Smart people as they are, they’re able to ask themselves why not buy gold bullion if it will save them financially in the years to come.

This kind of investment isn’t exclusive for the westerns only. I will really think about it seriously if I were you. This will sure help you to get the assurance of your bright future. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up every investment you already have once you decided to invest on gold coins.

To everyone, if you want to purchase gold bullion, Gold Coins Gain is the right place for you.

When I was started working at Agents of Value, I’d been so blind about the company policy. I really thought that all agents were allowed to access other sites not related to their work including Friendster. Of course, it’s not! What was I thinking then? And so I signed in to friendster frequently without hesitation. Never cared whoever saw to whatever was on my monitor. The hell I care! I even had enjoyed myself with yahoo music knowing that our HR was sitting right behind me. Great! I kept doing it over and over again each day. Until such time, two of my colleagues were caught to have accessing friendster during working hours and it prompted the admin to announce that sites like friendster and yahoo music are strictly prohibited during working hours. Funny thing was I felt guilty after the announcement. I was like “am I the one to blame?” hahaha! Thank goodness that it didn’t take me long to know who among us had been caught by the admin. I felt so safe and relieved. Well of course, I was still guilty about it only that I wasn’t the one being caught. And then the next thing I knew, the said sites had been blocked.

Not long after Friendster comes the Facebook. As I checked my email one afternoon out of boredom, I received a lot of invitations on Facebook in my inbox. As far as I can remember I just accepted those invitations and then, that’s it. I didn’t know its purpose and how it is suppose to be used. I didn’t pay much interest about it and I found it so boring. I only engaged myself to facebook only this year as it is becoming popular to least at Agents of Value. I know it is popularly used worldwide but I am only accepting friends to the people I know especially my officemates. They are the ones I know who are very much active on it. Facebook seems to have a special role in strengthening the bond among us, agents. We are able to share our thoughts through updating our status. And we are free to comment to whatever we are posting whether it may be serious or not. The same goes with our publicized pictures; posted results from different applications and games. There we are able to communicate with each other silently.

P.S. will soon create a post that will be entitled close to addiction as a continuation of friendsbook

I was on my way home when my attention suddenly diverted to the people on queue. Those people are among the many hopefuls of winning the grand price of the Lottery. As I looked at them intently, I realized that there was something missing in that long queue. I was thinking what it was until I finally came to my stop. A particular bank standing proudly right across our village and my eyes fall straight inside it and there I saw the object that was missing on that queue of people I had passed on my ride home. It was a stanchion. Although lottery outlet isn’t usually using crowd control but I just can’t help myself from comparing the orderliness from that of who uses crowd control products.

Stanchions are popularly used by the bank and other billing outlets to keep the people stay in order. Stanchions are made of different styles like retractable belts and velvet ropes. It is the velvet rope that I always notice being usually used every time I pay my bills whether in the department store or in the bank.

Aside from stanchions, barricade is also one of the crowd control products that popularly and commonly used for traffic control, security and privacy. Barricades definitely prevent the possible riots from happening.

Crowd control products are indeed a huge help that keep people in lines to almost all of the places we needed to go for an important transactions. It could be in the grocery, in concerts and political events, in the bank and most especially to the government establishments that certainly need an orderly line.

Summer 2009 has already been over five months ago and we are now heading for Christmas, right? But some of my officemates can’t seem to get enough of adventures. This month of October is quite a busy month for my fellow agents. There are lots of events happening for this month. We already had done with the birthday celebrations during the first and second week of the month and I shared about those to you already. So it’s time to put it to rest. This time, let’s talk about trips! Yes, you read it right.

Singapore and Malaysia are one of the countries that Filipino people dream of going to for a holiday vacation. I myself wanted to go there too. Who doesn’t? But money issue will always come my way. I honestly can’t afford to have such expensive trip. Well, not to some of my friends. Four of them had gone to Singapore and Malaysia as one of the most unforgettable trips of their lives. They already had witness the stunning beauty of two of the world’s tourist destination in Asia. They were awed by the amazing tourist highlights as it was really happening right before their eyes. They took many pictures during their trip and there you can see the fun and excitement written all over their faces. What a great experience, right?

On the other hand, another group of my ESPC friends were off to Camiguin Island and Cagayan de Oro City. The primary reason for going to Cagayan was to attend the Annual Blogger Summit that only lasted for an hour and a half. And the rest of the trip was spent to adventures, of course. The Blogger Summit occurred on Saturday but they already off at Friday dawn. They went first to Camiguin and explore the place. Then they’re back to Cagayan for the event and had nightlife afterwards. And the most exciting part of the trip took on the Sunday. They had water rafting that lasted for over two hours, if I’m not mistaken. Such another great experience for them, I must say.

Camiguin Island

When was the last time we talked about downloading again? I just remember about rapidshare. I don't know why rapidshare search of all things that could possibly pop into my mind at this very moment. Is it because I'm up to a movie marathon again or something? Ok, forget it. Anyway, so how was your experience with rapidshare search? Were you satisfied about it? I hope you did.

I'm pretty sure that you really feel good about your try with the rapidshare for the past couple of weeks. And great news! I happened to visit again the site and it looks like there's something new about it that I think it is being made for you to enjoy using it even more.

By the way, I asked my officemate just recently for a favor to give me a copy of this TV series entitled Harpers Island. I wonder where he downloaded it. He should really try this new rapidshare search himself. Maybe I just open it up to him when I get a chance.

I think that's all for now folks. I'm just giving you an update.

Try it yourself too!

Another weekend is fast approaching. It means, another day will be spent for good time. As I arrive this morning, my friend Biggy called me to inform me that she and our other girl friends already concocted a plan for a nightlife this coming Saturday. The plan is we are going to spend our night at Durian Bar wherein I have never been before and we have to bring with us a mask upon going there in order for us to get free entrance (according to biggy). I think it's another activiy for whatever reason of Maniniyot Community (not sure). It's gonna be like a Holloween party.

It still wednesday today but I kind of looking forward to it. Not that I'm very excited about it. I don't know what to anticipate on that night, it's just that I miss hanging out with them already.

Hope I'll be able to come :)

I can't remember when was the last time I used perfume or cologne. I'm always reluctant to use such thing cause I'm afraid to choose the wrong scent that may become a reason for the people from getting near me. There are some people I knew who use perfumes that they thought smells good to the people they mingle everyday but the truth is, it isn't. And this kind of scenario is one of the reason why I chose not to use perfumes. I just see to it that at least I don't smell bad. And be contented with my naturral scent instead. Well the truth is, there's this mild fragrance from Bath and Body brand that I like than any other but the only problem is, I can't find that particular Scent in the malls.

Since I can't find that favorite fragrance of mine from Bath and Body,I just bought a body spray from Bench which I've alreday been using in a few years back. But still, I am more interested on mild-scented perfumes. So now, I'm taking a look at these online perfumes that comes from different brands. Not to mention from famous brands. Who knows! I might consider buying from these. There's no harm in trying, right?

The series of birthday celebrations for this month of October has not yet over. Pearl, one of my college classmates, just turned 24 last October 15 but had her birthday celebrated last October 27, Saturday. It wasn't really much of a celebration but just a birthday treat. Hmmmm... is there a big difference? hehe. I think you know what I mean.

Like Molit, Pearl contacted most of my classmates but didn't make it as usual. I don't know their reasons this time why they weren't there with us. Busy with their own lives, I guess. So again, only the four of us (Pearl, Molit, me and Hazel) who really made it there. Well, who else?

Anyway, we met at MTS. We ordered 3 dishes , juices and beer for our drinks, listened to the music played by a live band and chatting at the same time. And that's it!

Two weeks ago, ESPC Davao started to implement the new monitoring system called the Agent Guard. This monitoring system according to them can track every activity done by the agent and will produce a screen shot every 5 minutes. Maybe some clients from Agents of Value have complaints against their agents for not doing their given tasks. Maybe that is the reason why the owner of this company prompted to implement such employee monitoring system.

Not all of us have already have Agent Guard installed in our PC but only to selected agents especially those who do not have clients for the time being. My seatmates are just one of the few who have this monitoring system already installed in their computers. They won’t dare try to open irrelevant sites for they might be caught by the admin. They don’t wanna mess with the admin, do they?

But anyway, I also found another monitoring system similar the one we are using called an ActivTrak which is also best for activity tracking. Like Agent Guard, this activity tracker I came across with can also keep track of how the company’s computers are being used by the employees. Having this monitoring system will sure give satisfaction to the owner, the clients and the admin. Will the agents of ESPC be happy about this too? Hmmm…

When staying at home, reading books is one of my past-time bobbies. I'm through reading those nice pocket books we have and had them read twice or trice already. Even my sister's Shopaholic series, Gossip girl series and Twilight saga. And now that I ran out of books to read, I got no choice but to read those books again. I choose to read first the ones that I read ages ago. But I think it's okay since I can't remember the majority of its details anymore. I'm just done reading the Sweet Valley high and Sweet Valley University series. We only have ramdom of episodes of these series since we couldn't afford to buy the entire episodes back then. But anyway, Sweet Valley pocket books were very much popular in our school during my high school days. Most of my classmates particularly the girls had been crazy about this story of the twin sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, along with their friends in Sweet Valley High. Well I'm not trying to go back with my teenage life here, to make it clear. As I said, I ran out of books to read. For one thing, I chose to read Sweet Valley books first since this is the only book that can be read easily in a way that it only contains of a short story in every episode. And also, I can barely touch the book during weekdays because sometimes I get too tired to even open it. So better choose the short ones, right?

It was kind of weird of me to post about auto parts when I never have talked about car itself. So here I am, finally having a chance to share my interest with cars.

Next to wanting of owning my own house is the owning of a car. My family always have this urge of wanting to buy a family car for years. I was so happy hearing my father considered buying a car since I really wanted us to have one. We really can't to afford to buy a brand new car. That's for sure. But it's a good thing that there are slightly used or second hand cars for sale. So why not consider buying those used cars, right? Well, we already have but the problem is, something terrible happened so the thought of us buying one has been put aside for the time being.

With my desire to learn Adobe Photoshop, I asked my seatmate to teach me how to use it and how it works. For a start, she taught me some basic techniques before going home. I tried to apply what I had learned from her at home but I can't seem to continue what I had started doing because I can't recall everything she taught me. And then I decided to leave it for the meantime and have some research for tutorials first. Graphics is not my thing actually and I don't know what's gotten into me why I have this sudden interest of learning Adobe Photoshop. Maybe beacause I am being influenced and inspired by some of my officemates that are keeping themselves busy editing their multiply templates and designing headers for their client's websites.

When I was about to turn off my computer, the mickey mouse icon caught my attention. And then I remembered my sister had brought this Disney Mickey and Friends software along with her while she was having her vacation here in Davao. It is software wherein you can create your own designs for whatever purpose. I mean you can do scrapbooking and create your own frames, birthday cards and the likes.

Forgetting about the turning off of the computer, I opened the Disney Mickey and Friends and did an exploration of the software. I wished to experiment a little but it was time for me to sleep. So what I did was I used the Mickey pre-designed frames and put some of my photos in it.

Take a look at this:

Ok, let's talk about something different this time. I think I already have posted enough of house-related issues. For now, let's talk about something related to cars. Yes, I know I should be writing about car itself from different brands and models first. It's just that I happened to come across with supercharger before it. So I think it's okay to have this one posted first since you must also know the auto parts when owning a car. I know for sure that some of you who keep visiting my blog are driving, right?

I still don't know much about autoparts and how one part affects the other part or something like that. I just really wanted to share this to you and check this one out. This might be a huge help for you. Buick supercharger, mercedes supercharger, pontiac supercharger are just some of the superchargers that you can find in this site I am talking about.

So why don't you see this supercharger for yourself?

Two of my closest friends here in ESPC, Molit and Aubrey, had a separate celebrations of their birthdays last October 3, Saturday. Personal reasons hindered me to attend on both celebrations. Molit was the first one to invite me and the first who had her plan finalized. She opted to have her birthday celebrated during the weekend with her college friends. And that includes me, of course. Aubrey, on the other hand, considered few options as to where and how she was going to celebrate her birthday. And finally made up her mind at the time I already took Molit's invitation.

At around 8 in the evening, we met at Korokkan Ktv and Resto Bar in Victoria Plaza compound. Molit already had the VIP 6 reserved the day before that night. It was our first time there and we found it nice and comfortable. Good enough for a simple celebration. But it would be perfect if most of our college friends showed up. Only five of us made it. Some just greeted Molit through text with their reasons why they didn't make it to celebrate with us. While we haven't heard from others about their sides. We were glad that Bojoy has finally rejoined us after quite a long time. With only six or seven of us there, we still had a time of our lives celebrating Molit's birthday. Nothing compares when I'm with them. Another night of fun with my college friends. Thank God for the chance!

Meanwhile, Aubrey celebrated her birthday at Jones Beach Resort with our officemates. That was a dual celebration actually. For the Green Team's victory party for winning during the Literary and Musical competition and her birthday. They headed to Durian bar afterwards and witnessed another event which they called Gig for a Cause intended for the typhoon victims in Luzon. I heard about them encountered a trouble that caused some of the people there a scene. But anyway, they have their own story to tell about that.

That's all for now bloggers. Till then :)

Some of my previous posts was all about house improvement. And I can't seem to get enough of it. And right now, I have found another site related to that. Everytime I come across with those house improvement related sites, I just can't simply let it slip from me without reading it. Beautifying a house is just one of the things that I would really love to do. Anyway, let me share to you about the site that I just found.

This site I am talking about contains of different kitchen appliances that gives you a number of choices to choose from depending on what suits you best. You need not be confused upon choosing which is which as they present you various informations of the different sizes and styles of their products. What is important is that, you know what you want for your house to look like and of course what you really need in your house. The ones that are really got me interested of buying are regrigerator, diswasher, and trash compactor. These are just some of the large kitchen appliances in the site that I would be needing when I already have my own house. I would also love to buy and own small appliances like food processors and blenders because I know for sure that these appliances would also be needed any time.

I know that you too have your own needs to be used in your house particularly in the kitchen. So why don't you try to visit in this site I am referring to? You might find what you really been looking for in that site for a long time. You'll surely gonna find very useful appliances once you visit it.

Another event or shall I say events, had taken place this past weekend but I still haven't got a chance to write about the previous one. Its just that there were so many things running through my head these days that I couldn't get much time for blogging. So now that I finally have a chance, I think this would be the perfect time to talk about it.

Justify FullSeptember 21, Saturday, was a day of another company activity on the purpose of promoting camaraderie among all eployees of eversun, both admins and agents. The Literary and Musical Competition was held in Jacksridge at 2:30 in the afternoon. We were composed of five different groups represented in different colors. The colors were Green, white, red, yellow and Blue.

I wasn't really excited about it the first time it was being announced to us. The occasions and holidays that the company previously celebrated weren't as fun as this one. It causes the majority of us to be reluctant in deciding whether to attend the up coming events or not. But as we get closer to this particular event, I noticed how the people talked about it and even joked about it that we never expected that all has turned into a success. I felt so lucky being a member of the green team that enables me to exude confidence. Especially with the knowledge that I was with the people who are easy to get along with and with the most talented ones. A sudden burst of pride surge through me upon the announcement of the overall champion. The event ended and left the Green team victorious! Knowing the effort that the green team exerted prior to the event, I know that we really deserved it.

Thanks to them! I hope I would be in the same team again for the up coming events.

Hi there people!

Before leaving this blog for the weekend, I just want to wish you a great weekend as you will be spending time with your loved ones. And since I know that most of you who frequently visit my blog love to watch movies, I might as well share this cool site to you, which is Rapidshare Search wherein you can easily download your favorite movies. I learned about this site just recently when my officemate and I talked about movies to watch over the weekend and gladly, we both found this helpful site.

By the way, Rapidshare Search is not only good for movies but also for the important softwares that you needed for your work and personal learnings.

I think thats all I can share for now. And I do hope we all can make use of Rapidshare Search for us to have a more relaxing weekend especially when we will be staying at home.

Till then everyone!

It rained yesterday so my wednesday routine was ruined. It's gonna be like moving it today. I did my task well and was able to meet the deadline I made up for myself. I normally step out of the office at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in order to arrive at my destination on time. But before the time hit, I could hear sound of raindrops so I peered outside the window to see if it really was raining. And there was rain, indeed. In that case, all the plans for the rest of the afternoon were canceled. Hopefully, it will be a sunny day today so I can do what could have been done yesterday.

Talking about wednesday, it reminds me of the sermon during the mass, if I'm not mistaken it was the other wednesday. I can't remember the exact words spoken by the priest but the message he was trying to convey from the homily is still fresh in my mind. It was about selective listening. The priest had explained the homily very well.

Let me share to you the gist of his explanation.

He says that selective listening often resulted to blaming. Why? Because people only listen to things they want to hear. Each of us has different personalities, different principles, and different perspective that made us unique. But we are too preoccupied with our own beliefs that we tend to refuse to listen to other people's opinion and situation. It is very important of us to be submissive upon dealing and conversing with other people. We must not just hear the words they speak but we must listen to it. Because if we listen, we also understand. Thus, if we understand, we don't blame.

That wednesday was like a learning experience for me. It hadn't slipped out of my mind that easily and unconsciously applying it to myself.

Hi guys! I just want to share something to you.

In case you want to know and still haven't the slightest idea on where to find the best Certificate of Deposit rates, this will be a good news for you! Please click this site, the CD interest rates, for you to find the updated report about it.

I hope I made it easy for you in finding the best Certificate of Deposit rates. This will surely be a big help for us all as we are trying to be wise of the money that we have.

You can also share about this CD interest rates to the people related to you. Goodluck! :)

This day is going to be a very busy day for me. Well, I hope not but I guess I really have to work double time. I need to finish my task for this day as early as possible. Something not so important thing just came up but I have this urge of needing to do it. Just a liitle desperate for something. I'm so sorry for not being so open about myself to you guys. I just don't feel like sharing this time.

But anyway, I just want to say hi and wish you good day. And thanks for the visit while there's nothing really interesting for you to read. As much as I wanted not to dissapoint you here, there's really a need for me to go on with my priorities.

Will be back if I can get a chance.

All the best to you.

In one of my previous posts, I've already have given you a glimpse of my interest on living such as home decorations, designs, and the quality of the materials used. Aside from these, I also have a curiosity on how well am I going to manage my property once I own one. And out of this curiosity, I search for a site that would somehow give me an idea on how to properly manage my own property. I find Real Property Management as the most substantial among the sites that I came across with regarding this matter. In this site, I have learned that RPM quickly become the dominant property management resource for property owners. It is being operated by real estate industry proffessionals and they are having numerous properties under management.

So if you guys have the same interest with me, you better check this RPM site for yourself and learn from various informations on how they became successful on their property management.

On Tuesday, I had gone back to work after the long wonderful weekend. I was quite preoccupied with things again but it was more about my task. I still had audios needed to finish with. Plus, I still couldn't get over with the joy from the company activity last monday which I'll be posting later when I'm no longer busy and lazy.hehe. For now, I'm still busy choosing the good shots from the pictures taken during the event just to have a copy of my own.

I don't know what's with yesterday. The atmosphere seemed different. I didn't have much energy and didn't feel like working. I just went through with the usual except that I joined my dayshift group for lunch. I finished my task within six hours and my client hadn't send more audios for me to work on for the remaining 2 hours of the shift.

Uhmmm... am still indebted to my officemates in their food business. I was suppose to pay yesterday but there seems to be a miscalculation so that's why. I wanted to make it paid already but well... I just couldn't. Hopefully I'll be able to have it fully paid before the shift ends.

Anyway, I think that's all for now. I'll try to be back as soon as I finish my task for today.

How I miss MTV cribs! Aside from watching the latest music videos, I never really wanna miss the episode of Cribs when mtv channel was still included in the program. Why? Because I am so much interested with house decoration, home improvement, its design and the quality of the materials being used. By watching those celebrity houses, I have this urge of wanting to build up my own house similar to theirs where I can relax and live comfortably.

I really want to beautify our house but there are several reasons why I can't. Maybe not now. I want to have my own room where I can immaculately arrange my personal things. I want to put elegant curtains on the windows and most especially, I want to keep our kitchen very nice and clean. I am very much particular with the cleanliness of the kitchen sinks And sometimes, when we say cleanliness of the kitchen sinks, it also comes with a nice design and quality. Even if I can't do the changing of a more quality sinks in our house at the time being, I guess I need not worry about this thing coz there is a site where you can find kitchen sinks of quality and different designs with accessories.

One disadvantage of being so careful from sharing of personal things is that you'll find it hard to update your blog although there are so much things to tell, yet you're only willing to share a few. Or maybe, there's nothing really interesting with my life that I can be excited of sharing about. I think I need to change my routine. Maybe I should try doing something new, explore, learn and experience whatever life offers.

For now, here's a glimpse of my past two weekends.

Chippen's Buffet
(about 5 months ago)

Last September 5, after 5 months, me and a few of my friends here in Eversun once again gathered for a nightout. This gathering has long been planned by Raquel who was really into it.

At about 7 in the evening, we all met at Antonio's Bar and Grill for a dinner. Since it took ages for us to spend another quality time with each other, we talked about many things from different topics and took a number of pictures.

Antonio's Bar and Grill

We then went to a nearby recreational area and have chosen Jickong's and ordered Kamikazee. By the way, Jickong's is actually not the kind of place I like to go to because I don't drink and I feel like dizzy being in a crowded place but since I'm the only one who didn't like that place, I got no other choice but to agree and and just joined them. It's my friend's company that I was up to, anyway. Thankfully, the group decided to go to Damosa gateway. That was my first time to be there and I love the place. I can describe it as far different from Torres recreational area. And we spent the rest of our remaining time talking and laughing until 2 in the morning. That was such a wonderful time. Really.

After a week, and another weekend, I just stayed at home and dedicated myself to reading books, playing computer games and gave a little of my time organizing my personal things. Not bad :)

Last saturday, I had a wonderful nightout with my friends. It must have been one of the nice experiences to write about but I just can't finish what I already have started to write for the reason that I can't think clearly these days. And it somehow affects my writing.

This week is about to end and I just spent most of my time, aside from my tasks, in blog hopping, choosing a template for my multiply account and playing games during breaktime. It means to say, I've been less productive this week.

I keep on trying again and again one template after another on my multiply but still none of those fully satisfies me.

I already have started writing my latest post but I can't finish it.

My mind is wandering.

I finally have something to blab about today. I refused to write about the long weekend that had just gone coz there's nothing really significant about it that I can recall. I just stayed at home throughout the 3-day break reading books, watching tv, eating and sleeping.

Anyway, I arrived here in the office with a smile. Greeted my officemates and mingled with them good-naturedly. Sometimes, before logging in in my computer, I usually have a little chitchat with my friends. But this morning, I went straight ahead to my area and learned from my seatmate that Facebook has been blocked. It took me a little while to believe what I just heard. It prompted me to switch on my computer to see it for myself and there, I didn't know how to react. I've been visiting facebook tentatively whenever I get bored with my task. I love posting in there, reading comments and not to mention, playing games! (LOL). But now that it has been blocked already, I end up searching random articles and entertain myself by reading in which I'm not satisfied.

I suppose there has to be a reason why the admin decided to block the said site.

At around 9 in the morning, a mass message from one of the admin has sent.
This is to inform everyone that plurk, facebook and twitter are now blocked with the request of the manager, this might cause another incident that all of us won't allow to happen again. If you have tasks on those sites, just don't hesitate to approach the Technical Head, yours truly. Thank you for your understanding.

And that explains it.
So!! It's not the facebook alone that is being blocked. There are actually three of them. Oh, great!

Karma up.... karma down... karma gone.


August 22, 2009


It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon when I stepped out of the house to go to my guy friends' respective workplace for personal reason. They were the once who were able to help me and provide me with what I was needing. I bid them goodbye shortly after receiving their help, went to the mall, and do what my sister tasked me to.

Kai's Boyfriend's Birthday

From there, I started to contact my dayshift friends because we were invited for a birthday celebration and we were expected to be there at 5 in the afternoon. But the problem is, I didn't know the exact location of my friends house. I decided to go inside the national bookstore while waiting for atleast a single reply from them but there was none. Signal was on and off. An hour of waiting for nothing seems like forever and impatience finally drove me. I made up my mind to just go home and forget about the nightlife.

I was about to climb up the jeepney when I receive a text message from a friend who invited us telling me the direction of their house and was asking my whereabouts. I learned that he's been texting me a couple of minutes ago but it took the message quite long before it reaches me due to the bad signal.

Thank God I was relieved upon arriving to the house of Kai. Our two other friends just arrived also. To kill the time, we watched a funny movie after we eat and had a good time watching it.

Ale's Birthday

Meanwhile, feeling so weak and exhausted of what I've been through, I felt so sleepy that time while my phone was being charge at the opposite side from where I positioned myself for comfort. I didn't notice that my friend Raquel has already been texting me to know if I decided whether to join the nightshift group to celebrate Ale's birthday or not. Once read the message, I sent her an immediate reply letting her know that I was coming with them and asking the time and place of the celebration. After a minute or two, I received a message from her again. Upon reading it, I expected to read a complete information as to where and when the event will take place but I only read her wrath instead. Again, messages were so delayed before it reach to the recipients. Bad signal only caused us trouble.

And so we met at Mercury drug, Claveria. And we go directly at Zed Pizza where the birthday celebration of Ale was being held. I was happy to know that my college friends (hazel, molit and pearl) were also there. I had so much fun that time especially when they were dancing and singing in chorus. I've knowm my nightshift friends to be active and upbeat when it comes to fun and excitement. I've never regreted for everytime they invited me in occasions. Thanks to them.

We parted ways by 4 o'clock in the morning, sunday.

I've been meaning to share the detail of my activities during the Kadayawan since Monday but my mind is filled with many thoughts that I can't seem to decide what needs to be done first. Well, I know my task must be placed on top of my priority but can't help myself from thinking of some other things to do and get accomplished with. But I'm still glad that at least I was able to finish a few. And most importantly, I was able to pass through the agony that keeps bothering me for weeks.

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I found the pieces in my hand
They were always there
It just took some time for me to understand
You gave me words I just can't say
So if nothing else
I'll just hold on while you drift away
Cause everything you wanted me to hide
Is everything that makes me feel alive

The cities grow
The rivers flow
Where you are, "I'll" never know
But I'm still here
If you were right and I was wrong
Why are you the one who's gone
And I'm still here
Still here

I've seen the ashes in my heart
I smile the widest
When I cry inside and my insides blow apart
I tried to wear another face
Just to make you proud
Just to make you put me in my place
But everything you wanted from me
Is everything that I could never be

The cities grow
The rivers flow
Where you are, "I'll" never know
But I'm still here
If you were right and I was wrong
Why are you the one who's gone
And I'm still here

Maybe tonight
It's gonna be alright
I will get better
Maybe today
It's gonna be okay
I will remember

I held the pieces of my soul
I was shattered and I wanted you to come and make me whole
Then I saw you yesterday
But you didn't notice
And you just walked away
Cause everything you wanted me to hide
Is everything that makes me feel alive

The cities grow
The rivers flow
Where you are, "I'll" never know
But I'm still here
If you were right and I was wrong
Why are you the one who's gone
And I'm still here
The lights go out, the bridges burn
Once you're gone, you can't return
But I'm still here
Remember how you used to say I'd be the one to run away
But I'm still here

Behind the silence over the past two weeks was a sort of not-so-ordinary days. Hanging out with friends to unwind once in a while especially right after receiving the salary became a usual thing for us. Sticking with the original plan, a certain group of photographers share their common passion in photography and pursued their photoshoot at Eden Nature Park last August 9, 2008. Having Raquel and Aubrey (friends) as their models. It was approximately 6 hour photoshoot that it became exhausting to everyone.

Meanwhile, there were four of us who joined the group to give assistance to our model friends and to do a "business" of our own at the same time. We strolled around Eden, tried something that the place could offer and please ourselves. We had our buffet lunch together in which we were not satisfied for it wasn't really worth it. Then we had our zipline experience. Glad I was able to overcome my fear of heights, wasn't I?

There were little issues regarding that particular event that can't be avoided most of the time. Things like time that was not being followed (delays), transportation problem, and other things like that. Not a big deal, though. And considering the fact that the group were able to do their purpose of going there and that the model seemed to like the result of the photos, it turned out to be a success for everyone, I must say.

For a whole week that followed, I was drowned with thoughts on my personal dealings. And had finally found a way to escape.

"photography is truth"

The following week after playing paintball, my friends Biggy, Aubrey and Kai had a Friday night out. I wasn't able to come with them due to my fever. It also happened that rain often took place at night for the past days. So, I decided to skip the fun and stay at home instead.

aubrey and biggy at Tata Benito's

July 28, Tuesday, was Biggy's birthday. We celebrated her special day by having a dinner in Karlyn's, situated at Doña Luisa Village, Quimpo Blvd., Ecoland, Davao City.

dinner at Karlyn's

July 29, Wednesday, was Arjay's birthday. In comparison to Biggy's, Arjay also celebrated his birthday by having a dinner together with his friends in one of the restaurant here in davao. Toryanos is just a walking distance from the office. It is conveniently located in front of The Apo View Hotel.

dinner at Toryanos

Both events wonderfully celebrated after the duty.

I spent my weekends watching the dance workshop at Metrolifestyle.

Ok. There's nothing interesting to blab about today. Just simply blogging for no reason. Some of my friends have their own story to tell about their experiences for this week. Looks like they were having a great time. Its written all over their faces. To share a little, a close friend of mine just met the whole family of her special someone and I learned that it turned out nice and flattering. The family treated her nicely and made her feel welcome to their family. Well, thats good. I'm happy for her. She really deserves to be treated that way.

It seems to me that a lot of things and activities that I'll be looking forward to such as birthday celebrations and weekend activities with friends, to name a few. But as for today, or should I say as for the rest of this week, there's nothing in particular that I am preparing myself for and most probably I just go through with the same old routine.

I think that's all for now. I need to finish my task on time coz I'll be logging out at exactly 5pm as much as possible. There are three things I need to accomplish before I go home.


Last year, when the time I scarcely knew my night shift friends, they already played paintball and I became curious about it and on how it is played. Last saturday, my dayshift friends played paintball and I finally got the chance to watch. I decided not to join them for I do not know how to play the game. So I just watch my friends play and took some pictures.

biggy's first time

I always look forward to every weekend. Its always on the weekends when I have time for myself and do my personal stuff at home. Saturday and Sunday are for me the best days of the week. Aside from having time for myself alone, I also get a chance to spend time with my friends, having fun outdoors. And Sunday would be the best day to have a quality time with my family. Sometimes we go out, having dinner in a restuarant but sometimes we prefer to just stay at home after hearing the mass. At home, we always gather in the living room, watching television together.

My brother used to buy DVD's that we could watch together at home but we tend to want and look for more movies after playing one or two. Cable tv is always what easily pop into my mind. While thinking about it, I remember the time when we had a cable tv and had it disconnected shortly. Simply because we are paying its bill and yet we didn't enjoy that much. And now, it's a good thing that I came across this cool site which I think can be the best alternative in place of the cable tv. In Direct TV, you can watch as much coolest movies and sports you wanted.

Aside from the convinience that the Direct TV System provides to you, it also provides the best quality of its sound and picture that can lead you to a great viewing experience. In addition to that, Direct TV Service is always be of help to answer your needs and inquiries and if anything goes wrong.

So why don't you decide and try it yourself!

It is impossible to speak
in such a way
that you cannot be misunderstood

- karl popper -

Yesterday was supposed to be just one of my ordinary days. Work now then go home later and rest. That was how it was suppose to be. It was almost time for dismissal when Elton had his last minute chat telling me that I was invited to his son's birthday. So I had a chance to rejoin with the night shift (agents) friends. Knowing them, it is expected to always have fun and enjoyment. when they're being gathered. We stayed there until 9pm and it's a little late for me to go home. It takes a couple of minutes of travel before I reach home. I wasn't able to sleep right away cause I helped my brother pack his things up for a trip. And that's the reason why I'm having lack of sleep today.

I just wanna share this video of the dancing babies which I enjoyed watching. hehe

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Pissed of for today....

Looking forward for tomorrow's General Assembly....

Excited for tomorrow's night out....

I just posted the latest one (a not so busy day) when after a minute or two Aubrey decided that our supposed bonding moment has moved to another day.

I know why but I'm not in the position to make it known to everyone.

Hahayz.... Aubrey...

Yesterday has been a very busy day that I wasn't able to finish all my tasks. Today, I'm a bit relieved that my first set of task is finally done. And now I'm about to start with the second one which I hope would still allow me to do some other things. Two more lessons left to be done for this week. And plan to do as best I could to finish them within this week. Well, we will know it on Friday.

As for now, I'm looking forward when today's shift end. Me and Aubrey agreed to go to a mall that is a bit distant from my home but not sure if I can really afford to go that far. (thinking)

Busyness seems to be an exchanged for the long weekend we had. I did have fun spending time with my family and friends. But I was wondering also if my pace of doing my task this week would be the same as last week. I already had anticipated to have loads of work for this week to make up from the past days. And as I open my email this morning, my client has indeed sent me a bunch of tasks.

There are several topics I have in mind to post about but I only have less time to do it. Maybe next time.

seems like im not being myself lately.
dealing with uncertain things.
acting and feeling so weird.
feeling bored and sleepy in the office.
fighting hard with confusing thoughts.

today is friday. hoping for a positive changes in the weeks ahead.

we'll see....

Well, it's been weeks that I look forward to going to saranggani with my night shift friends only to end up in frustration. If only I can make a selfish decision, I would prepare my self way before this week. And then pack my things up, go, and have fun with them. But time is no way in favor of me. I can spend time with them within the city anyway. There are still weeks to follow to be with them. So I think its fine :)

Luckily, some of my day shift friends have a plan on the same weekend too. They invited me to have an island hopping with them this coming sunday. I usually stay at home on sundays coz its a family day. But a whole family of my cousin will be coming here in davao so its going to be crowded in our house. And since this will be my first time to join in this group of friends so I finally made up my mind to where I would spend my weekend.

Both group gonna have a wonderful weekend.

i can make up my mind from various things
i can easily avoid temptations so that i can do my priorities
i can immediately do the necessary things
i can make a right decision on things
i can be more practical in times like this
i'll be able to take the right path
that things will fall into places

there are lots of thing I have in mind right now that I really hope for

i really do hope

So sick and tired
I want to scape

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. And sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Stand for what you believe in even if it means you're standing alone. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

a text message from a friend, hazel

Reading reading reading reading reading and reading. Whew!!

I'm about to consume my 8-hour work just reading thousands of comments from my client's site. I've been feeling so sleepy and bored since this morning. And in addition to that, the weather is so cold that when you're sitting somewhere comfy, you'll ended up falling asleep.

Things I usually do when the feeling of boredom attacked me are plurking, reading and commenting at facebook, chatting and now.... I'm blogging.

That's all for now.

People who truly care about their wife and mother were surely celebrated the MOTHER'S DAY yesterday. We have different ways of showing our 'thank you' to our moms. Upon watching television, some greeted their mothers through a commercial, some by giving a special number in a variety show. I know a few of my friends who really exert an effort to make their mother's day a very special one. It so kind of them. Well, not all of us can afford to prepare and celebrate with abundance of food and buy fancy gifts. That's not what really counts anyway. A whole hearted prayer and thank you for all the love, care and sacrifices is more than enough. Justify Full
Yesterday (May 10, sunday), was a VERY SPECIAL day for us, my family. We are so thankful that God answers all our prayers for my mom after that tragic experience for the past months. God can really do miracles!! For now, nothing really matters to me but my mom's health (and my dad's too).

We had lunch together though kuya hoff and ate den weren't there with us to celebrate but I know they too celebrated our mom's special day in a silent yet in a special way. As usual, laughters and talks and sharing about anything are always there. That's what we usually do even in a regular days.

We (me,sister and nanay) went to the mall in the afternoon and have groceries together and to exercise my moms leg. Walking and stepping down and climbing up in the stairs. And then in the evening, we watch movie together while eating ice cream. mmmmm!!

I want to thank those who greeted my mom yesterday.
Namely: Arjay, Aubrey and Raquel.

For the past days, I've been preoccupied with my work and some personal things. There were lots of things running through my head lately that I got confused which of them will be put to the highest priority. Been bothered a tad about it but thank God I made it. I was finally been able to keep up with my work which I've been trying for several days already since I switched shift. I just got back with a normal pace of doing my tasks. I need not put too much effort to get everything done. But of course I know that I can finish it on time if I really have to. There are still little things where I need to give my attention to but it can wait a little longer.

I think that's all for now.

i cant concentrate on what im doing here now. i haven't got enough rest from our escapade last weekend. as much as i wanted to be more productive with my work today, i just can't due to restlessness and boredom.

ill be posting a bit of my experience at cannibad beach with my agent friends in the night shift maybe the next day. im still waiting for them to upload photos for you to view if you just want to.

I finally made up my mind!

Two months ago, I was lucky enough that the company superiors allowed me to switch my shift from day to night. There was of course reasons regarding my request of changing my work schedule.

I never anticipated that it would be much fun working at night with those agents who I scarcely know. And I began to get confused on what shift will I be choosing in the end. So I weigh everything there is to consider by giving the highest priority to the ones that are much important.

Though I'm not stating everything into details but I think its already obvious which shift I found more advantageous.

== My mind doesn't work well.. tsk3 *frown* ==

There's nothing much to talk about this time. I just spend my whole shift, working and keeping myself busy, laughing, talking and eating. Thanks to our new found agent friend Tammy Sulit for treating the group at Jollibee. weeeeee. I was full then after eating but I was again hungry at around 5am. So I ate again. hahaha. bleh

When the time I ask permission from the company and from the client to change my shift from day to night, I never forget to include "for the meantime." I knew I wouldn't be that effecient with my work at night but for some personal reasons, I had to.

I have every reason to love working at daytime. My brain works effectively during the day and my body as well. The energy is there. My friends in this company who are close to me are there. I'm so much used to my sched and the environment though I can't deny the fact that working here at night is more fun and alive because of the people scheduled in this shift. But don't get me wrong here. Its just that agents in the morning shift are more serious if compare with the agents in the night. And of course, you can have a normal life in the day. In every aspect.

My life at night is becoming more enjoyable than I initially thought. All I was looking forward to was to be with my college friends but their friends at night are friendly too so I didn't have a hard time adjusting with my new shift.

In fact, for a very short time of my stay here, I'd already spent time with them last saturday (the whole day). Although we went home exhausted, it's worth it. I really had a great time with them. They are fun and they are nice people. Thanks to them :)

But it doesn't mean I won't be coming back to the day shift. hehe. I like both shifts :P

haha. no update for the long time again. been having a hard time with my adjustments with my new shift. has always been very busy doing my tasks and sleeping as well. also beginning to dislike the template of this blog. planningt to change it. hopefully can find a template that would look very much alive and would give so much interest to the ones who constantly visit.

my apology to those who became irritated while including my blog to their rounds. hope there's understanding i could get from you.

as much as i wanted to give you updates, time doesn't permit me.

hope i could get back in here soon enough.

Traditionally, we think of a personal resolution as a new year approaches. Basically its very easy to think of every possible changes that we may apply in our daily lives but its also difficult to stick to it and have it all be materialized. Though we start it fairly well but always fail to continue pursuing it throughout the year.

I myself is already tired of it and I'd rather think of resolutions which can be started to apply at any month of the year. I mean not necessarily have to wait a new year. And something which I can repeatedly apply for the rest of my life.

The best resolution for me is to recall the past experiences especially the most significant ones and think how it affected and molded us as we move forward and welcome each single day. There must have been hardships along the way where we can find strength to stand up once again. There must have been mistakes where we can find a way to make it right the next time. There must have been regrets where we can find hope to do better and as much as possible to avoid the same thing to happen again.

I just hope that I'll be able to find light in every circumstances and will always consider the positive side of life instead of tormenting myself with those negative effects resulting from unwanted situations.

I still try if this resolution will be perfect for a change.

its been a while! well.. whats new? its always been like this, right? you cared to visit but found nothing interesting in this blog.

today, i really want to post something about my personal point of view about life. but then again, my task hindered me to do so though i manage to right this one. but the time im spending with this isn't enough for what i originally planned. i could have written much.

putting an end with this very short post simply shows how busy i am right now. am i?

just for the sake of writing, actually.

From A - Z Tag!

My Dear friends Molit and Raquel tagged me! Yepeeh!

So here it goes.....

A - Attached or Single? - Single
B - Best Friend? - Of course, I have! my high school and college bestest friends.
C - Cake or pie? - sure to hit the cake. especially chocolate cake. wow.... delicious.
D - Day of choice? - Weekend is the best!! I can have time for myself, with my friends, with my family and I can do whatever pleases me or even just relax and do nothing.
E - Essential item? – My cellphone and my wallet and my bag.
F - Favorite Color? - i like light colors but whatever, whenever, always ended with white.
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - Ill go for gummy
H - Hometown? - surigao del sur. a land far far away.
I - Indulgence? - none - ne - ni - no -nu
J - June or July? - after a couple of minutes thinking......... july. personally, nothing very special with these months but some of my loved ones born in july. but wait! pwede both? hehe
K - Kids ? - that's what im praying for. hopefully the good ones
L - Life is not complete w/o - god family friends / faith hope and love
M - Marriage date? - when im so sure of it. i myself don't know yet.
N - Number of magazine subscriptions?– wwooops!!! none?
O - Orange or apple? hmm.... both. but if i were to choose to symbolize me, then ill choose the apple coz it symbolizez sin. you know....... adam and eve.hehe. since im not perfect and i always commit sin. shaks!!
P - Phobias? - snake snake snake! anaconda, bitin, halas, sawa!
Q - Quotes? – theres a lot of them to mention
R - Reason to smile? - not just a single reason but reasons!! family, sincere friends, numerous blessings. to mention a few
S - Season of choice? - christmas
T - Tag 5 people - bevs , darlyn , wiwit , czyrel , amor
U - Unknown fact about me - used to be very maldita when i was a child. but as i grow up, the word very has been slowly erased! hahaha
V - Vegetable? - sure!!!
W - Worst habit? – day dreaming ---- of you tonight. till tomorrow... ill be holding you tight. and there's no where in this world id rather be. hehehe
X - Xray or ultrasound? - ambot lang oi, naunsa.
Y - Your favorite foods? – theres a lot and theres many.hehe
Z - Zodiac sign - capri + corn = capricorn

I find this tag interesting and you are free to grab this and try it yourself.