It rained yesterday so my wednesday routine was ruined. It's gonna be like moving it today. I did my task well and was able to meet the deadline I made up for myself. I normally step out of the office at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in order to arrive at my destination on time. But before the time hit, I could hear sound of raindrops so I peered outside the window to see if it really was raining. And there was rain, indeed. In that case, all the plans for the rest of the afternoon were canceled. Hopefully, it will be a sunny day today so I can do what could have been done yesterday.

Talking about wednesday, it reminds me of the sermon during the mass, if I'm not mistaken it was the other wednesday. I can't remember the exact words spoken by the priest but the message he was trying to convey from the homily is still fresh in my mind. It was about selective listening. The priest had explained the homily very well.

Let me share to you the gist of his explanation.

He says that selective listening often resulted to blaming. Why? Because people only listen to things they want to hear. Each of us has different personalities, different principles, and different perspective that made us unique. But we are too preoccupied with our own beliefs that we tend to refuse to listen to other people's opinion and situation. It is very important of us to be submissive upon dealing and conversing with other people. We must not just hear the words they speak but we must listen to it. Because if we listen, we also understand. Thus, if we understand, we don't blame.

That wednesday was like a learning experience for me. It hadn't slipped out of my mind that easily and unconsciously applying it to myself.

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This day is going to be a very busy day for me. Well, I hope not but I guess I really have to work double time. I need to finish my task for this day as early as possible. Something not so important thing just came up but I have this urge of needing to do it. Just a liitle desperate for something. I'm so sorry for not being so open about myself to you guys. I just don't feel like sharing this time.

But anyway, I just want to say hi and wish you good day. And thanks for the visit while there's nothing really interesting for you to read. As much as I wanted not to dissapoint you here, there's really a need for me to go on with my priorities.

Will be back if I can get a chance.

All the best to you.

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On Tuesday, I had gone back to work after the long wonderful weekend. I was quite preoccupied with things again but it was more about my task. I still had audios needed to finish with. Plus, I still couldn't get over with the joy from the company activity last monday which I'll be posting later when I'm no longer busy and lazy.hehe. For now, I'm still busy choosing the good shots from the pictures taken during the event just to have a copy of my own.

I don't know what's with yesterday. The atmosphere seemed different. I didn't have much energy and didn't feel like working. I just went through with the usual except that I joined my dayshift group for lunch. I finished my task within six hours and my client hadn't send more audios for me to work on for the remaining 2 hours of the shift.

Uhmmm... am still indebted to my officemates in their food business. I was suppose to pay yesterday but there seems to be a miscalculation so that's why. I wanted to make it paid already but well... I just couldn't. Hopefully I'll be able to have it fully paid before the shift ends.

Anyway, I think that's all for now. I'll try to be back as soon as I finish my task for today.

How I miss MTV cribs! Aside from watching the latest music videos, I never really wanna miss the episode of Cribs when mtv channel was still included in the program. Why? Because I am so much interested with house decoration, home improvement, its design and the quality of the materials being used. By watching those celebrity houses, I have this urge of wanting to build up my own house similar to theirs where I can relax and live comfortably.

I really want to beautify our house but there are several reasons why I can't. Maybe not now. I want to have my own room where I can immaculately arrange my personal things. I want to put elegant curtains on the windows and most especially, I want to keep our kitchen very nice and clean. I am very much particular with the cleanliness of the kitchen sinks And sometimes, when we say cleanliness of the kitchen sinks, it also comes with a nice design and quality. Even if I can't do the changing of a more quality sinks in our house at the time being, I guess I need not worry about this thing coz there is a site where you can find kitchen sinks of quality and different designs with accessories.

One disadvantage of being so careful from sharing of personal things is that you'll find it hard to update your blog although there are so much things to tell, yet you're only willing to share a few. Or maybe, there's nothing really interesting with my life that I can be excited of sharing about. I think I need to change my routine. Maybe I should try doing something new, explore, learn and experience whatever life offers.

For now, here's a glimpse of my past two weekends.

Chippen's Buffet
(about 5 months ago)

Last September 5, after 5 months, me and a few of my friends here in Eversun once again gathered for a nightout. This gathering has long been planned by Raquel who was really into it.

At about 7 in the evening, we all met at Antonio's Bar and Grill for a dinner. Since it took ages for us to spend another quality time with each other, we talked about many things from different topics and took a number of pictures.

Antonio's Bar and Grill

We then went to a nearby recreational area and have chosen Jickong's and ordered Kamikazee. By the way, Jickong's is actually not the kind of place I like to go to because I don't drink and I feel like dizzy being in a crowded place but since I'm the only one who didn't like that place, I got no other choice but to agree and and just joined them. It's my friend's company that I was up to, anyway. Thankfully, the group decided to go to Damosa gateway. That was my first time to be there and I love the place. I can describe it as far different from Torres recreational area. And we spent the rest of our remaining time talking and laughing until 2 in the morning. That was such a wonderful time. Really.

After a week, and another weekend, I just stayed at home and dedicated myself to reading books, playing computer games and gave a little of my time organizing my personal things. Not bad :)

Last saturday, I had a wonderful nightout with my friends. It must have been one of the nice experiences to write about but I just can't finish what I already have started to write for the reason that I can't think clearly these days. And it somehow affects my writing.

This week is about to end and I just spent most of my time, aside from my tasks, in blog hopping, choosing a template for my multiply account and playing games during breaktime. It means to say, I've been less productive this week.

I keep on trying again and again one template after another on my multiply but still none of those fully satisfies me.

I already have started writing my latest post but I can't finish it.

My mind is wandering.

I finally have something to blab about today. I refused to write about the long weekend that had just gone coz there's nothing really significant about it that I can recall. I just stayed at home throughout the 3-day break reading books, watching tv, eating and sleeping.

Anyway, I arrived here in the office with a smile. Greeted my officemates and mingled with them good-naturedly. Sometimes, before logging in in my computer, I usually have a little chitchat with my friends. But this morning, I went straight ahead to my area and learned from my seatmate that Facebook has been blocked. It took me a little while to believe what I just heard. It prompted me to switch on my computer to see it for myself and there, I didn't know how to react. I've been visiting facebook tentatively whenever I get bored with my task. I love posting in there, reading comments and not to mention, playing games! (LOL). But now that it has been blocked already, I end up searching random articles and entertain myself by reading in which I'm not satisfied.

I suppose there has to be a reason why the admin decided to block the said site.

At around 9 in the morning, a mass message from one of the admin has sent.
This is to inform everyone that plurk, facebook and twitter are now blocked with the request of the manager, this might cause another incident that all of us won't allow to happen again. If you have tasks on those sites, just don't hesitate to approach the Technical Head, yours truly. Thank you for your understanding.

And that explains it.
So!! It's not the facebook alone that is being blocked. There are actually three of them. Oh, great!

Karma up.... karma down... karma gone.