Look at her! She's absolutely stunning, right? Well, at least for me.

Back in the 90's, former beauty queen Charlene Gonzales has been one of my most admired celebrities in the Philippines. She's smart. She's beautiful. She's a good dancer. She hasn't gotten herself near in controversies as far as I remember. And she is proper in front of the camera. 

I have also learned that she's never been Aga's (her celebrity husband) girlfriend. He never asked her to be his girlfriend. He asked her to be his wife. And I envy her for that! 

Human as we are, we are all busy worrying over petty things when we could get killed any moment by accident. Wondering what would life be without this and that. We are working painstakingly in hope for a brighter future. Did it by any chance occur to you that everything you have and every dream you've been trying to fulfill might all be gone in just a split second?

Morning is my favorite time of the day. I just love mornings! I love it when the morning sun touches my face. Everything seems to be perfect in the morning, so much to look forward to, and with renewed hope. And because of that, it makes it impossible to anticipate that something terrible might happen along the way.

One beautiful morning, as I sat so comfortably in a multicab on my way to work, while waiting for it to be full with passengers, everything was perfect and peaceful. When the cab was finally ready to hit the road, little did we know that we were just inches ahead from what seemed like a 12-wheeler truck. Whether our driver didn't notice the truck approaching or he did, but refused to give way, I didn't know. Even if the truck's driver had step on the break, it was too late. Passengers were now screaming in terror as the truck dragged us forward and in a fraction of a second, we were slammed at the wall in the side of the road. The next thing I knew, the multicab suddenly came to a halt and we were being pulled out by the bystanders. Miraculously, nobody got badly hurt. It took me quite a while to sink in what had just happened. I couldn't believe that I had just met an accident and got out of it unscathed.

It could happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. It was somehow a life-changing experience, I must say. You will then realize that life is too short indeed. It gives you every reason to celebrate life. It makes you appreciate even more everything that you have right now.

Having to experience such accident and have been given a second chance in life, I must be grateful to God.

Lately, I've been bogged down with negative thoughts. Dreading for something for quite a while already. My everyday routine is getting deppressing. But there will always come a point where you want to rest your mind and just shrug it all off. It's tiring, you know. Time will come that you will have to make a firm decision to just enjoy the now rather than to continue fearing the unknown.

I've completely forgotten about Father's day. I mean I certainly know that there is a father's day this month but  I lost track of the dates. And I feel a little bad at the moment though I know brother and father do understand. I gave my father a gift last year but now... NOTHING! It was such a shame that I had to find out my sister-in-law bought him a cake and not me. And worse, I greeted my brother just this evening.

Moving forward.......

It's the least I can do.

For the first time in a long time I visited again my unprofitable blog. And there! I freaked out because I thought my account has been deactivated by the blogspot. Only to find out it only has this new environment or interface. Some sort of ignorance here, huh. I visited also my twitter account that I created since I don't know when. Number of tweets?? ZERO!  I don't know why I created that account in the first place. To be a follower? To be followed? Well, I'm pretty sure I created the account just to have one. Period. I also visited other 3 accounts that have been existed for ages. Thank heavens I was able to figure out the login details ;))

Again, just happened to visit here for the reason that I just want to write something. Not necessarily meaningful, though. Meaningful or nonsense, writing something is GOOD! And now, it's time to explore something. I hope to see you very soon... (fingers crossed).

You can never expect a person to be nice to you when they've been pushed to the limit already. I may be mean at times but of course it comes from a good reason. I'm getting used now to people calling me harsh or badgirl. These names are supposedly for fun only but as they say, jokes are half-meant. Well, yes, maybe I am. But hey, tell you what, if being harsh would mean being honest/true and straightforward, then I'd love to be called harsh. This isn't something to be proud of, of course. I just don't care how bad and unforgiving I am in the eyes of the vast majority. What you see is what you get. What you see is genuine. Guess that's all that matters.